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Make ClimateAir Heating and Air Conditioning your go-to HVAC company, and we promise you won’t be disappointed. We are one of the leading HVAC companies in Stayner thanks to our high-quality services. From repairs and maintenance to inspections and installations, we are here for all your HVAC needs. 


This depends on the HVAC system. HVAC systems are typically designed to last between 10 and 20 years. If you’ve had your system for over a decade and it has started breaking down more frequently, this is likely a sign that it should be replaced. Repairing it will fix the problem temporarily but likely won’t stop it from continuing to break down in the future. Therefore, if you choose to repair it, you might end up spending more money on repairs in the long run than you would if you replaced it with a new unit. In contrast, if your unit is relatively new or the issue is quick and inexpensive to fix, then you might be better off repairing your system rather than installing a new one. If you aren’t sure whether to repair your existing HVAC system or install a new one, contact ClimateAir Heating and Air Conditioning. We can send an expert technician to your home to assess your system and offer their professional opinion on the best course of action.

HVAC maintenance is strongly recommended for all HVAC systems. Preventative maintenance appointments should be booked yearly to ensure your system is functioning as it should be. 

The benefits of HVAC maintenance include extending the lifespan of your HVAC system, increasing its energy efficiency, and preventing serious problems from occurring down the road. Therefore, if your last maintenance appointment was over a year ago, this might mean it’s time for another service. 

Beyond preventative maintenance, another situation in which an HVAC maintenance appointment might be required is if you notice something wrong with your system. Common signs and symptoms of a broken system include a buzzing or rattling sound coming from the system, visible rust or cracks on the system’s surface, your furnace only blowing cool air or your air conditioner only blowing warm air, humidity levels that are off in your home, rooms heating unevenly, or an unexpected rise in your utility bills. If any of these signs sound familiar, contact Climate Air Heating and Air Conditioning, and we will send a licensed and certified technician to your home as soon as possible. 

Please note that ClimateAir Heating and Air Conditioning is also here in emergency services. We offer 24/7 services to all Stayner residents. We understand how stressful a broken HVAC system can be, which is why our round-the-clock services ensure your unit gets back to normal as quickly as possible. Even better, there are no hidden or unexpected costs with ClimateAir Heating and Air Conditioning. The cost is the cost, whether the service takes place on a weekend, holiday, or after hours. We are always there when you need us.

The cost of replacing an air conditioner in Stayner depends on the following factors: the type of air conditioner being replaced, the specific air conditioner model you’re replacing it with, the size of your home, and the existing ductwork in your home. That is why we advise all Stayner residents to get in touch with ClimateAir Heating and Air Conditioning for a complimentary estimate. We are pleased to offer accurate and competitive quotes on air conditioner installations.

Experts tend to agree that HVAC units should be serviced annually. However, your system might need to be serviced even more frequently if it is getting older or if you notice a problem, such as your furnace blowing cold air or your air conditioner leaking water. Climate Air Heating and Air Conditioning offers all kinds of HVAC services, including extensive maintenance services. Contact us today to make an appointment.

ClimateAir Heating and Air Conditioning’s HVAC maintenance services are comprehensive. They involve a certified technician inspecting the thermostat, air conditioner, and heating system and calibrating them as needed, lubricating all moving parts in the systems to decrease friction, checking the air filter, cleaning and replacing it if necessary, testing the unit’s safety controls and startup cycle, and completing a written analysis of the service’s findings. Your ClimateAir technician won’t leave your home until your HVAC system is functioning at full capacity. 

The cost of installing air conditioners and furnaces in Stayner can be similar, though it depends on which model you buy, as well as the size and ductwork in your home. 

Stayner homes are typically heated with natural gas furnaces. However, it’s possible that your home uses an alternative heating system like an oil or propane-based furnace, baseboard heaters, solar heaters, a heat pump, or a boiler. 

Stayner homeowners that upgrade their HVAC systems often benefit from reduced energy costs. This is because modern HVAC units are designed to be far more energy-efficient than older systems. Therefore, a new HVAC system does not need to consume as much energy to produce the same results, saving you money on your energy bills. If you wish to upgrade your system to reduce energy costs, choose a system with a SEER rating of 15 or above. These units are known to consume even less energy than others.  

If your air conditioner is running but not cooling, this could indicate a problem. More specifically, it could be a sign that the condenser coil is blocked. When functioning properly, the condenser fan draws air into the outdoor unit using the condenser coil to pull heat out of your home. But the coil can become blocked if dirt, grass, and other debris get caught between the fins. When a condenser coil is blocked or clogged, the air conditioner may not be as energy-efficient and you may notice several issues, such as a lack of cool air coming from the unit. In extreme cases, a blocked condenser coil can even cause the unit to break down completely. If you suspect something is wrong with your air conditioner, call ClimateAir Heating and Air Conditioning and we will send a technician to your home to resolve the issue. 

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ClimateAir Heating and Air Conditioning is one of the leading HVAC companies in Stayner for a reason. We have made a name for ourselves thanks to our top-notch HVAC services, expert technicians, and superior customer service. We always put the customer’s needs first and will never stop providing high-quality repairs, installations, maintenance, and inspections to our customers. 

If you’re ready to schedule an HVAC service with ClimateAir or would like to request a free estimate, contact us today. One of our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives will be pleased to assist you. They can answer any questions you may have and provide you with an accurate and competitive estimate on your upcoming HVAC service. 

For an HVAC company in Stayner you can trust, look no further than ClimateAir Heating and Air Conditioning. What are you waiting for? Get in touch today. We can’t wait to meet you!

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