The Canadian Buyer’s Guide ClimateAir Edition

When to turn on AC in Spring

When To Turn On Ac In Spring There’s nothing better that getting back indoors and into a cool interior on a hot day. With summer around the corner, the first warm days of spring have become more frequent across Ontario. As outdoor temperatures increase, it’s likely that you’ll want to turn on your air conditioning […]Read More
Thermostat fan on or auto

Thermostat Fan On Or Auto In Winter

The two main fan settings that thermostats have are “On” and “Auto.” When the fan is turned “On,” it runs constantly, moving air around the room even when the heating system isn’t heating the space. Although it could slightly raise energy usage, the constant air circulation through the house guarantees an even distribution of warmth […]Read More

Why is my furnace blowing cold air?

Why is my furnace blowing cold air? Your furnace works day in and day out during the winter to keep you and your family warm when outdoor temperatures dips to frigid temperatures. Whether from a lack of maintenance or an internal mechanical problem, if your furnace is operating but blowing cold air, it can cause […]Read More

Why Is My Furnace Running, But No Heat?

Why Is My Furnace Running, But No Heat? A crucial aspect of keeping your home toasty and comfortable throughout the winter is your furnace. Even so, if your furnace works nonstop but doesn’t generate the right amount of heat, it can be frustrating to deal with. So, what exactly is the cause behind this? Join […]Read More
How Often to Replace Furnace Filter

How Often Should You Replace a Furnace Filter

How Often Should You Replace a Furnace Filter Too many of us are guilty of recognizing that yes, our furnace filters do need to be replaced, but we never take the initiative to actually change them. After all, if your furnace is in good repair and maintaining an optimal temperature in your home, do they […]Read More

Should I give my AC a break

Should I give my AC a break? As temperatures rise and the summertime becomes more intense, air conditioning in homes has become a common source of relief. However, as responsible homeowners, it’s essential to strike a balance between comfort and energy savings. In this article, the certified HVAC team at ClimateAir will look at the […]Read More

How does a heat pump work in winter

How Does A Heat Pump Work In Winter Winter can be a challenging season for your home’s heating system. With temperatures plummeting and snow falling, it’s critical that your heating system is working properly. A heat pump, which utilizes electricity to move heat from one place to another, is one of today’s most common heating […]Read More

Heat pump vs air conditioning

Heat Pump Vs. Air Conditioning No one wants to deal with an uncomfortable home interior. And when it comes to cooling your home during those hot and humid Ontario winters, we understand that homeowners may have some questions about what type of cooling unit will work best in their homes, given their unique needs. While […]Read More

Are heat pumps energy efficient

Are Heat Pumps Energy Efficient Energy efficiency is always a top priority when it involves regulating the temperature of your home. An inefficient system can not only result in higher utility costs, but it additionally has an adverse impact on the planet. This is where heat pumps come into play. Heat pumps have gained appeal […]Read More

Are heat pumps worth it in Canada

Are Heat Pumps Worth It In Canada If you’re a Canadian homeowner searching for an energy-efficient heating and cooling system, you’ve probably heard of heat pumps. Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular as a way to save money on energy while also lowering the production of greenhouse gases. However, you may be wondering whether the […]Read More

What Is A Heat Pump And How Does It Work

What Is A Heat Pump And How Does It Work While southern Ontario is known for its warm summers, during the winters, snow, wind, hail, and other forms of unpleasant weather are known to blanket neighbourhoods from Barrie to Owen Sound and beyond. This is why having a home heating system you can rely on […]Read More
family enjoying new ac system

The Canadian Buyer’s Guide to Air Conditioners: Climate Air Edition

Know how to make the best, most cost-effective choice for a new air conditioning system. Whether it’s for the home or cottage, a strong, reliable air conditioning system is a non-negotiable must-have for summers in Barrie. So how to make the right choice? How do you know which central air conditioning system is going to […]Read More
woman at home cold with blanket on couch

7 Signs You Need a New Furnace Now

Know When It’s Time to Let Go of Your Old Home Furnace Homeowner pop quiz: what are the signs to look for when your aging furnace has reached the end of its life? Is it obvious–like when it stops suddenly one cold winter day and no longer has a heartbeat? Or can it be more […]Read More