save up to $8,000 in heat pump rebates

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Ductless air conditioners, mini splits, heat pumps: whatever you call them, they’re the smart choice in home comfort.

They offer a range of advantages including monthly cost savings, energy efficiency, and hybrid home comfort for summer and winter.

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Right now, you can get up to $8,000 in rebates and savings with Climate Air.

Plus, make no payments or interest for 12 months.

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Why we’re the best heat pump savings choice.

save up to $8,000 in heat pump rebates

Make the switch and save.

In addition to the advantages an air heat pump brings you for home comfort, now you can save big when you invest in one.

It’s win-win: get all-in-one heating and cooling for every season and more money in your pocket.

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How do heat pump rebates and savings work?

You may be eligible for rebates with the purchase & installation of a heat pump system.

The government of Ontario has implemented this rebate program in order to encourage more home & cottage owners to convert to a more energy efficient, cost-effective home comfort solution.

The pros at Climate Air are helping homeowners make this switch by offering an exclusive, limited time offer that includes up to $8,000 in rebates and savings.

Plus, no payments and no interest on your new air heat pump system for the first 12 months.

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The best heat pump benefits.

Enjoy a cost-effective, energy efficient and easy two-in-one solution for heating and cooling.

Energy efficiency.

An air heat pump system runs on electricity, not gas.

They’re a more efficient solution than the classic furnace & AC setup you might be used to – and that means savings on energy costs.

Who says change can’t be good?

Hybrid home comfort, all year round.

An air heat pump provides a 2-in-1 heating and cooling solution.

They work by absorbing & transferring heat energy from outdoors to indoors, keeping you warm in the winter.

And in the summer, the process is reversed: the air heat pump will find heat from inside your home, absorb it, and send it back to the cold air outside.

The end result: a year-round home heating and cooling solution in one package.

Long system lifespan.

An air heat pump is likely to last about 15 years. That’s a lot of time to enjoy a hybrid home comfort solution and its many benefits.

With maintenance and tune-ups at regularly recommended intervals, your air heat pump will provide you with a long life of worry-free, quality home heating & cooling service.

Ducted or ductless? We do both.

There are a lot of ways we can install an air heat pump in your home, but the best part is that we can do it in houses with both ducted & ductless systems – and in homes with an electric baseboard system.

Climate Air makes switching to a more energy efficient & cost-effective solution like heat pumps simple, straightforward and pain-free.

Options for improved indoor air quality.

Air heat pump systems can provide air flow & dehumidifying, as well as enhanced filtration, to help you & your family breathe easier at home.

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